A digital identity as unique as you

pawaPass is building a trusted database of digital identity.

Using multiple data-points, social links and user submitted information, we enable everyone to trust anyone. Even online.

For people

Supercharge your access to better and cheaper online services with pawaPass' smart mobile ID. Where you are verified once, and trusted forever.

For businesses

Trust is essential for providing many online services and offering great deals to customers. Without verifying your customers’ identity, it's hard to deliver services online, and trust that transactions aren't fraudulent or at risk of chargebacks.

The struggle

National identities are not a good representation of who people are, and can even be burdened by stereotypes and stigma. For customers this can be very frustrating. With many spending time and energy filling forms, answering hundreds of uncomfortable questions, and waiting a long time just to access basic services they need.

The goal

pawaPass' mission is to enable people and businesses to easily trust each other. By providing everyone with a first-class digital identity, pawaPass identities will be able to quickly and reliably transact with anyone.

Safe, secret, secure

You control your data, 100%

1-tap to access online services

Enjoy multiple discounts and deals

Now that's pawaPass!