Rethinking User Verification for African Businesses

Users get access to more services & opportunities, businesses get unique users and less fraud. Win-win.

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Over 50% of Africans don't have an ID. For when you need to verify unique users, not IDs.

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A low-cost way to ensure genuine user engagement and minimise fraud.

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Unspoofable and encrypted, helping new users to trust & embrace online services.

Our platform gives African Businesses a flexible, easy-to-use solution for User Verification.

Here are some interesting use cases we are working on

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Loyalty program onboarding

A pan-African company was eager to give back to their community by launching a loyalty program. They had a compelling idea – offering shares in the company to their loyal customers. They needed to onboard 200,000 unique users across 11 African markets. But how do they ensure the process is cost efficient, reliable, and secure? Our biometric face verification tool came to the rescue, allowing swift and dependable user verification.

The result: Happy customers across the continent who are now proud shareholders in the business they love.

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Managing identity verification for payouts

It was a great season for the Ghanaian Premier League, and their headline sponsor wanted to ensure that players received a portion of the sponsorship commitment. Ensuring that throughout the season, players received their well-deserved Locker Room Win Bonuses. But how do you make sure the right person gets the right bonus? Enter our biometric face verification tool. It helped verify 600 players swiftly and accurately.

The result: Players got their rightful payouts, leading to trust and joy in the locker room.

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Debit card activation

Diaspora families know the importance of staying connected and supporting their loved ones. As part of this, they send companion Debit cards. But card activation and transaction approvals can be a hassle, often involving lengthy procedures. Our biometric face verification tool transformed this process, enabling recipients to verify themselves quickly and conveniently.

The result: A smooth, stress-free experience for both the senders and receivers.

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User uniqueness check for bonus eligibility

Freebies, bonuses, and rewards are a great way for businesses to sign up new customers and retain existing ones. But without being able to ensure user uniqueness fraud and abuse can be a major issue. Using our biometric face verification tool, meant that the business could conduct efficient deduplication checks, detecting and preventing fraudulent practices.

The result: Authentic end-users enjoy their bonuses, while the business maintained an efficient cost of customer acquisition.

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Why pawaPass?

Verify and authenticate unique users to provide services in a way that is inclusive. Meaning, its not tied to a valid ID and doesn’t cost more than your ARPU.

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User Acquisition
Do you want to give out bonuses without your incentives being abused? Pawapass ensures de-duplication across your entire user base.

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Want to improve user access management and account recovery? Add a back-up that ensures accurate and robust user authentication.

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Do you want to be sure your customers accounts haven’t been hijacked? Complete random spot checks on accounts using your own logic.

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User friendly
Want to use a solution built and tested with African customers? Get high performance on low-end smartphones, with limited data use.

How it works

Here at pawaPass we offer two ways to integrate our platform:


Sign up to pawaPass

Contact us below to get access to the pawaPass dashboard.


Generate a verification link to verify your customers

This can then be shared directly with your customers.


Sign up to pawaPass

Contact us below to get access to the pawaPass dashboard.


Implement the pawaPass API

It's simple to implement with documentation from


Generate a verification link to verify your customers

This can then be shared directly with your customers.

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Let's work together

Are you looking for a way to simply, affordably, and securely verify your user base?

We are collaborating with businesses across Africa to create proof of concepts and develop use cases for scalable and inclusive user verification.

If you:

1. Want to find out how we can help you trust users online,

2. Are operating in Africa in one of these sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Payments & finance
  • Pension, insurance & social benefits
  • Other government services

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A cutting-edge, future-proof, and fully certified solution

pawaPass face and document capture has the highest security and encryption standards


Has end-to-end biometric cybersecurity and is ISO/IEC 30107-3 certified. The highest possible certification.

Rigorously tested

Over 10 Billion scans. Doing more than 80 million 3D Liveness sessions monthly, with no fraud ever reported.


3D Liveness, OCR, ID scan, Barcode & NFC and 3D Face Matching for ongoing authentication and background age checks.


Encourages attacks with a $600,000 USD Spoof Bounty Program, so far it has rebuffed over 130, 000 attacks.

No special hardware

Creates a 3D Facemap® with a 2-second live-selfie that can be captured using any smartphone with an internet connection.

De-duplication & accuracy

3D Liveness checks have a +99.999% accuracy rate, and de-duplication search has an elastic False Accept Rate (FAR) of 1/125M

Our Goal

pawaPass' mission is an inclusive and secure way for people to access remote or online services across Africa. If it's difficult or expensive to trust others online, then services, opportunities, and trading or owning assets will not be possible. A scalable, cost efficient user verification platform has the power to increase the number of people who can access remote jobs, online trade, financial services, and much more.

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